This is a blog for any sort of nerdery I am interested in. Mainly development related stuff: java, typescript, docker, aws, terraform etc. But other topics such as music theory or math might also come up… who knows ?

Sometime I write about topics I have encountered many times and I would like to share my experiences. But I also write about things I have recently explored, in order to consolidate my learning and to see whether with your comments and suggestions I can dig in deeper. So feel free to comment; it is most welcome!

I work as a programmer / test automation engineer and trainer at InQuisitive. Before this, I used to work as a musician, playing, teaching and composing. It’s hard to make a living from music if the music is fun. Boring music makes more money, but hey, then it is better to make money doing something fun like solving problems aka programming.

I have strong opinions about open source, and privacy on the internet. Also just a geek about some things I like: Linux (Nixos at the moment), window managers (i3), (neo)vim.

Feel free to contact me about any of the blogs here, if I can help out I will, and if we’re lucky we will all learn something cool. Also if you are interested in my services as a programmer you can of course contact me!

Have fun and stay curious!