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Terminal file managers and my vifm setup

13 minute read

Another blog about some nice tools and tricks to make life easier. This time let’s look at terminal managers, why would we use them ? And I’ll dive into my s...

Is there creativity in coding?

5 minute read

“But you are such a creative person, why?”, is a comment I get often (in variations of course) when I say I work in software development. I am a trained musi...

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Taint resources in terraform cloud project

2 minute read

So after working with terraform you feel confident. Now what ? Well you set up a terraform cloud account, put your terraform code in git and import it there ...

Security for peace of mind

4 minute read

So this should be a friendly reminder for you and for me and … to think about the risks associated with your passwords, and login methods. Of course we all ...

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